What to expect

Considering a bespoke suit for the first time is a significant moment. Whether the suit is for a special occasion or you intend to develop a wardrobe, the process is the same.

First a fabric must be chosen. Colin keeps a large selection of sample books containing a huge variety of fabrics of different colours, patterns and weights. At this stage the tailor's experience comes into play; advice is given to a customer based on their needs when and where a suit is likely to be worn and how often. Linings are selected to match a fabric (or, for example, to coordinate with bridal gowns, ushers or accessories for wedding suits).

Once a fabric selection is made, the next step is to discuss the style. Choices include the style of jacket and trouser (single or double breasted jacket, pleated or plain fronted trousers, how many buttons to have on the jacket) and several other details of fit and cut. Colin can offer guidance when necessary and incorporate a customer's preferences in the design, always with the ultimate objective of providing a classic suit that fits perfectly.

Once these selections are made, measurements are taken. A pattern is cut and the garment assembled. During the latter stages, the customer will attend usually one or two fittings where final adjustments are made to the garments to ensure a proper fit. Once the construction of the suit is complete, the suit is pressed and made ready for collection. Typically the process takes 6-8 weeks from start to finish.